Hair Services                                 Starting Price
  • Wash Cut Blowdry                     $45.00 and up
  • Wash and Cut                              $35.00 and up
  • Blowdry                                       $30.00 and up
  • Kid’s Cut                                       $25.00 and up
Hair Treatments                    Starting Price
  • Keratin Blowout                          $100.00 and up
Color Services                          Starting Price
  • One Process Color                     $55.00 and up
  • Partial Foil                                  $95.00 and up
  • Full Foil                                       $120.00 and up
  • Balayage touch up                    $120.00 and up
  • Full Balayage                             $170.00 and up
Special Occasions                 Starting Price
  • Updo                                            $75.00 and up
  • Bridal Updo                                $90.00 and up
  • Bridal Trial                                 $80.00 and up
  • Bridesmaids                               $75.00 and up

Makeup Applications         Starting price

  • Makeup application          $35.00 and up
  • lashes                                   $10.00

Facial Waxing                         Starting Price

  • Eyebrow Wax                             $15.00
  • Lip Wax                                        $10.00
  • Chin Wax                                    $10.00
Prices are subject to change based on time, length/thickness of hair and/or amount of color used.


One thought on “Services

  1. I am so proud of the three of you with your new home for hair and design. The saloon is really restful and a nice place to go. The folks there are the very best on the North Shore of Boston. One should be glad this is not on Newbury Street Boston. Best to all Kathy Hughes

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